Monday, July 27, 2009

Way Late Pics of the 4th

We spent the 4th of July weekend up in Kansas City with some of Kelsey's family! It was super fun, and Ella did so good sleeping in a hotel and staying up late to watch the fireworks. She was running all over the place, and then the fireworks started, and she sat perfectly still until they were over! I need fireworks in our house=)
Not happy about the bows in my hair!

waiting for the fireworks to start

just have to show off my cute outfit! thanks Grandma Tilson!!

We watched the fireworks @ the Great Mall in Olathe! It was awesome, they gave Ella a little flag to wave and a beachball!

Coke! How much more American can you get?

LOVED the fireworks!

The next day we went to the Legends Mall. Ella loved playing in the fountains with Papa!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Best Husband Ever!!!

So, I just have to brag on my hubby a little bit! Kelsey had yesterday off of work, and chose to spend the WHOLE day with Ella and I!!! It was so great. We slept in, and then while I was getting ready for a lunch with my girlfriends, Kelsey took Ella with him on errands, so that I could shower in peace! He then showed up with "just because" flowers in hand!! Amazing! I rushed off to enjoy time with my friends, and Kelsey fed Ella lunch and put her down for nap! I came back and we spent the whole afternoon together. I was rushing around trying to get supper ready, and ended up burning Ella's grilled cheese. Kelsey made her some new grilled cheese, and also made his own supper! I headed out to Bible Study, and once again, Daddy and Ella time. They went for a walk and talked to the neighbors. Back from Bible Study, put Ella to bed, then early bed time for us, because Kelsey had to leave @ 4:00 in the morning for a flight today! I just have to say that I have the best husband ever, and Ella has the best daddy! She loves spending time with him, and so do I! Thanks for a great day honey!!(p.s. I am never gone from the house this much, I will go days with nothing to "do" and then it always falls on one day!!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

As Promised... Pics of the House

Pics of our new home!

We repainted all the walls in the house, and replaced all the flooring.

The living room, which is a yummy brown mocha color! I LOVE it!

Guest Bathroom

Ella's room (painted the same as her old one!)

Ella didn't have a closet in her old room, so I have been SO excited to hang up her clothes!!

Our room that doesn't have the blinds up or decorated at all yet!

A great big back yard that needs a lot of TLC!!

We have really enjoyed living her already! We love the neighborhood, and feel that this house want meant just for us!! I didn't take any pics of the basement... it is finished with 2 more bedrooms and a bathroom. It has a nice living room and storage room also. We painted it gray, and there is not a lot down there except for Ella's toys, I guess we will grow into it! We are so thankful for so much more room and storage! Ella loves running all over!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sweet Treats

Ella has my sweet tooth! She has been loving all the summer time sweet treats she has been getting, sometimes twice a day! (bad mommy)
Melted choc. chip cookie smeared all over the face

Ice cream toffee bars! Yummm!

One of the best things about our move is that our friend the Giles live right around the corner! Ella's favorite playmates, Danny and Ryan! Enjoying popsicles!

We're Back!

Wow!! These past few weeks have been crazy. I didn't blog much the weeks before we moved because I was busy packing. Then the week after we got the house was spent totally remodeling it! And this past week has been full of unpacking, so sorry for the absence! We are in LOVE with our new house (pics will be in a separate post)! It is totally repainted inside, new carpet and new tile linoleum in the kitchen and bathrooms, so it smells so nice and new! So much more space for miss Ella and us to enjoy! We would love to have any and all of you over any time!
Our old house sold really quickly, so that has been a blessing!

We packed up our most precious possession!!

Shopping for blinds @ Lowes w/ Daddy on his lunch break! Precious!

Ella loved having ladders around while we were painting! We found her most of the way up by herself! yikes!