Tuesday, March 15, 2011


On Ella's actual birthday, she was confused that it was her birthday again. She had been so sick and tired, that we really didn't do much the day of her birthday.
She had to ride her bike right away inside!

Then, it was off to Druber's.

Someone else likes donuts too!!!


Grandma Tilson

Papa Tilson

Grandma Veer

Monday, March 14, 2011

She turned 3...

...and she didn't bother to ask me!! Can't believe our firstborn is 3! We had so much fun celebrating with her! We are so thankful to get to enjoy her excitement and joy partying with family and friends. She is a party planner already. She told me 4 months ago that she wanted a panda bear cake, and balloons, and party hats... and a blue dinosaur for her gift (random!). She got all but the party hats. She didn't notice.
Ella is such a joy! She has SO MUCH personality that is so fun and at times so challenging. We are praying that we can guide her to grow into an amazing young woman of God. Ok... lots of pictures of her party on Sunday and then I will do another post with pics from her actual birthday.
Once again, we are so lucky to have Christy take pics for us during her party! She's the best!!
Here's our BEAUTIFUL Birthday Girl!

Panda Bear cake and cupcakes!

Oreo Truffles

The Decor:

Opening Presents:

Princess Bike!!

All of Ella's party friends (minus a few sickies!!)

Our Family!