Saturday, November 17, 2012

3 Months

Chloe Brooke, at 3 months we are getting to hear some giggles, getting lots more sleep at night, and enjoying your cheerful personality!

Kate all of the sudden looks so grown up in this pic!

Ella is a around 5 months in this pic, but Chloe is definitely looking more and more like Ella did. They share the same beautiful brown eyes and darker hair. Chloe is by far our chubbiest baby, and it is so fun! 

Monday, November 12, 2012


Such beautiful weather these first few weeks of November. The girls got lots of outdoor play time. This day was snacks on the front porch.

Now it's time for sweater weather, and I love it!!! Time to break out the boots!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

30 things

The man that I am so blessed to get to spend my life with is turning 30 today!!! So I thought a "30 things I love about you" list was appropriate!

As a Man:
1. Such an amazing work ethic, works so hard at many different things
2. Great Leader
3. Very outgoing, and can talk to anybody
4. Makes people feel included, and often seeks out those who aren't
5. Very fun sense of humor
6. Loves working on cars, and is really good at finding the great deals
7. Enjoys playing soccer
8. Is a wonderful provider
9. Loves his family and makes it a priority to spend time with his side as well as my side
10. Has a servant heart and is always willing to help out
11. Has a really cool job as a test pilot, and flies every jet that my girls see in the sky
12. Is Jesus to others and lives out his faith so that they see Christ in his daily life

As a Husband:
13. We have always been able to talk about anything, we never lack for conversation
14. He makes sure that we spend quality time together
15. He gives me breaks from being at home all day
16. He brings me flowers just because
17. He graciously runs errands for me 
18. He tells me I'm beautiful
19. He is supportive of me and appreciates my work around the house and with the girls
20. He makes me talk things out when my first instinct is to hold everything in
21. He has ALWAYS since the first day that I met him had 8 pack abs! I was instantly attracted to his good looks and athletic interests (those are your priorities when you're 15=)

As a Daddy:
22. If so much FUN for the girls, always up for anything and being adventurous with them 
23. Is so good at balancing his priorities and making family time at the top. He spend so much time with them
24. He is affirming to them as girls and engages in their interests as well as letting them be in the garage with him
25. Always puts them to bed at night with a Bible story, prayer and a kiss
26. Teaches them so much about the Bible, not just the little kid stories
27. Is the most amazing example of what the girls should look for in a husband in the way he treats me and the way he engages with them
28. Is very patient and loving with them
29. Makes them feel beautiful and confident and capable
30. Loves them so well, that when he walks through the door home from work they run screaming to greet him with a big hug!

Happy Birthday Babe! We are all so blessed to get to spend our days with you! We love you so much!