Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swimming Lessons and T-Ball

We spent every morning for 2 weeks at swimming lessons for Ella. This is the first time we have done it, and we were all thrilled with her progress!! She soaked it right up. Very thankful for her wonderful teacher!

My girls got to hang out with these sweet girls, and I got to hang out with their mommies!!

Patiently waiting!

This is the first summer we have dipped our toes into "organized" team sports! This T-Ball team has been so fun. She knows most of the kids on her team, and we love her coaches! I have learned that Ella is not competitive if she can't tell she is losing;)

Playing with this sweet girl is the highlight for Ella!

Friday, June 21, 2013

10 Months

Time is flying! I love this age! Babies just explode with new things every day at this stage. All these changes are both exciting and a little sad.The changes this month include: cutting new teeth, crawling all over the place, pulling herself up, feeding herself, moving to a new room, and babbling nonstop. She is our princess, and we all love her so much!

Gorgeous Girl!

Yeah, I'm 10 Months!


This girl is ornery already:)

Matching Sunday dresses

Fathers Day 2013

We are so blessed by this man in our lives! These little girls ADORE their daddy, and he cherishes them! He loves all of his girls so well! I love partnering with him to raise these precious gifts we have been given. We all love spending our days with him. I am so thankful that he invests in each one of them and shows them what it means to be loved.

Grilling steak, his favorite to make, and our favorite to eat! Ella can't get enough!

I love my dad so much! He has always been the biggest support to me. This man has the biggest servants heart! He has done everything from paint 3 of our houses, clean up puke late at night, and come dispose of the mouse my girls found in the basement. He is always just a call away. He loves to spoil me and my girls.

We are so thankful for Kelsey's dad! He is such a great example to us of an amazing work ethic, patience, get it done attitude, and this man can fix ANYTHING! His positive spirit was inherited by his son, and I am so thankful for that since I tend to be a little pessimistic. My girls love their Papas, and I am so thankful that they get to see both of them often!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Silver Dollar City Day 2

Chloe got in on the action too!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Silver Dollar City Day 1

Ready to Go!

We were blessed to have my parents come with us again this year! It is so nice to have extra hands and eyes to help with the girls, but more than that... we all love spending time with them!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Vacation (Part 1)

We just got back from a super fun week of vacation in Branson! The girls did amazing, and we had so much fun. It went way too fast, but we're happy to be home too. At least, some of us are. Ella and Kate would like to move to Branson! More posts to come.

New carseats before the roadtrip

Ready to swim!

Ready for bed

Breakfast on the balcony

At The Landing