Friday, March 19, 2010

Ella's Second Birthday

Can't believe we are already celebrating our baby girl's SECOND birthday! I love planning her parties, and this year was so fun, because she was so excited for it and knew it was coming! She was most excited for her cake and for everyone to come over to her house.
*you can click on any of the pics to make them bigger!
The food:

I made Meg Duerksen's rainbow cake in pastels!! So fun, Ella didn't notice, but I did=)

blowing out the candles

These next two pics are of Ella's reaction when I told her it was time for birthday cake!

Opening Presents. She is one spoiled little girl!

My mom made her a super cute #2 birthday outfit!

Even though mommy and daddy are KU fans, Aunt Angie is graduating from KState this spring and we are super proud of her!! She got Ella this cute outfit to wear to her graduation!

Beautiful flowers for my birthday a few days before, I used to add to the decor.

Ella is such an amazing little girl! We have so much fun with her every day! She is incredibly smart and full of words, and questions. She is 100% full of whatever emotion she happens to be feeling at the moment! She can be so happy and friendly, and she can be so sassy and dramatic=) We wouldn't have her any other way! She has been singing songs non-stop and loves it when we read to her. We leave words out, just so we can hear her fill them in! She has no clue what's about to hit her in the next month when we bring baby-sister home, but she gives her kisses and hugs already, and begs to hold her, so we think she will be a great big-sister!

Neglect vs Nurture

I have 100% totally neglected my blog! I don't regret it one bit!! I have been enjoying my time with Ella and Kelsey and nurturing my little baby girl that will make an appearance in the next couple of weeks!!! I do have a lot to catch up on, but I probably won't! I will start with the last couple of weeks and hopefully go from there! Lots of changes around here... Ella has a new room, she had a super fun 2nd birthday party and we have been preparing our house for 2 kids over the last couple of months. Hopefully there will be lots more pictures after baby girl gets here and we get a new camera! Ours is sub-par at best.